Estate Planning for Avon CT

You have worked a long time to build your assets and financial resources. You want to make sure they survive beyond your lifetime to benefit your family and loved ones according to your wishes. You want to protect those assets you have accumulated and protect the inheritance that your leave your family. Your wishes and needs and those of your family are unique. For that reason, we approach each client with sensitivity and compassion.

The attorneys at Ericson, Scalise & Mangan are skilled and experienced in Estate Planning. We work with clients throughout Avon, Simsbury and the surrounding Farmington Valley. You may live in Connecticut and own properties or have business interests in other states. We can handle your complex Estate Planning needs.

Estate Planning can ensure that your healthcare concerns are adequately covered as you age. It can also help you protect your assets and ensure that they are distributed according to your wishes after you pass. There are many details to address, necessary steps to take, and important decisions to make throughout this process.

Navigating even basic estate planning requirements including making a Will. Documents regarding your healthcare decisions; assigning power of attorney (POA); and protecting property, your business, and your liquid assets, can be complex. Planning in advance for a funeral and burial expenses can be emotionally charged.

Because tax, probate, and trust laws continue to change, we work closely with you, your accountant, and financial advisors to create an Estate Plan that meets your objectives. By planning early with the support of sound guidance, we can create a custom Estate Plan that meets your needs.

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