Real Estate

a family of three sitting in front of a home

Building Long-Term Wealth with Your Home

  Real estate is one of the largest assets people own. Real estate tends to appreciate over time, so with care, home equity can be the foundation for your family’s fortunes, resulting in profits that can affect your children’s and grandchildren’s wealth. Owning real estate can put you on a path to growing generational assets. […]

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a wooden house with the roof being put on

Considerations When Inheriting a House

Inheriting property is commonplace. Your parents or other family member may have left you a home or a piece of land in their Will. Now that you own this new place, what are the right steps to ensure that everything is properly taken care of? Talk to a tax professional.  The best thing you can […]

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a small toy house next to stacks of coins of various sizes

How Much Home Can You Realistically Afford?

If you are like many Americans, your home will be the most expensive thing you own. It will be a key part of your estate as you plan for the long term. So, you need to think strategically from the outset. To start with, if you want to know how much of a mortgage a […]

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a sticky note with "GIFT TAXES" written on it

Gift Taxes When Transferring a House in an Estate

Your home or vacation home may be one of your most valuable assets. If you think you may face a gift tax issue, you may want a qualified personal residence trust (QPRT) —a type of irrevocable trust that can remove a house from an estate to reduce gift taxes when transferring it. Here’s how it works: The […]

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a piggy bank sitting next to a jar that says "down payment" filled with cash

Should You Make a Large Home Downpayment?

Depending on the loan type, you can qualify for a mortgage with a downpayment that is as low as 3% of your home’s final purchase price. And for some loans — such as a VA loan or USDA mortgage — you don’t need any downpayment at all. But what if you can afford a larger […]

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a small model house sitting on fanned out dollar bills

Take Control of Your Homeowner’s Property Insurance Bill

Congratulations, you are a homeowner! If you financed the purchase of your home with a mortgage loan, you must carry homeowners’ insurance. Lenders won’t approve you for a mortgage loan if you don’t have an active insurance policy. The cost of your homeowners’ insurance policy will vary, depending on your home’s location, size, age and other […]

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signing a new mortgage 400 x 268 px

Nervous About Signing for a New Mortgage?

Taking on a mortgage is a major life event and a significant financial step. People often enter into their lenders at closing without really knowing what to expect. Unfortunately, after signing dozens of documents, they are left unclear and slightly confused about what they have signed and why they signed it. In an effort to […]

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a fresh look 400 x 268 px

A Fresh Look at Distributing Inherited Assets

In theory, parents can get as specific as they want, deciding which children and grandchildren should get the fancy lamp from the living room or the painting of the ship in the dining room. But unless they are items of great intrinsic value, that usually isn’t done. Even if an estate is left equally to […]

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small paper houses on a table next to a man holding cash

How Much Should You Be Spending on Your Mortgage Each Month?

Typically, the single largest investment that you will make in your life is your home. Whether you are a new home buyer, sizing up for a growing family, or downsizing in retirement, be sure that you are able to maintain good financial health. Well before you start looking at homes, make sure that you understand […]

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papers are on a table and being signed with another pair of hands off to the right

Considering Co-Signing a Family Member’s Mortgage?

When you agree to co-sign on a mortgage, you are essentially lending a portion of your future income and credit score to help your family member get a mortgage loan. Before you ever sign on the dotted line, you should consider every detail of the terms and your potential exit strategy. Take a look at […]

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