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Tax Breaks for the Elderly

Getting older has its perks, including tax breaks. Your income threshold for filing a tax return at all is higher, you get a bigger standard deduction, and you can defer or avoid taxes on more money. Below are the details of some tax breaks you’ll qualify for when you turn 65. You qualify for a larger […]

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4 Questions to Ask the HOA Before You Buy a Home

So you’ve found your dream home in your dream neighborhood, but there’s just one thing…there’s an HOA. Before you sign on the dotted line and purchase a home with an HOA, there a few questions you should ask to ensure that you will be happy with the home and the HOA. What rules are there? […]

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How To Pick an Executor

There is a key aspect of creating an estate plan that you should not gloss over: choosing whom to carry out the wishes outlined in your will, making important decisions on your behalf. Select someone who’s trustworthy, organized and able to juggle the job along with other life responsibilities. Here are qualities to look for […]

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Estate Planning With Big Age Gaps

Are you in an age-gap relationship?  Studies show an age gap among spouses in five percent of first marriages and 20% of second marriages. Estate and financial planning for spouses with significant age differences requires a special focus on making both of your needs work. Financial matters for large age-gap retirement planning include retirement funding, Social […]

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All About Prenups

A prenuptial contract (“prenup”) lists all the property owned by two people who are about to marry, specifying what each person’s property rights will be after marriage. These days, you don’t have to be wealthy or famous to turn to a prenup. Here are some reasons you may want to consider a prenup: You’re marrying […]

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How To Find a Retirement Community

Retirement communities allow you to live independently and receive care as you need it. There are a great number of active older adults living in retirement communities. Some are there to avoid the isolation that can come with aging and living at home alone. If you are considering moving to a retirement community, you should […]

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When To Use a QTIP Trust

A qualified terminable interest property, or QTIP, trust provides for a surviving spouse while allowing you to maintain control over how your trust’s assets are distributed once that spouse dies. Income, and sometimes principal, that are generated from the trust are given to the surviving spouse for life. A QTIP trust, which is irrevocable, is […]

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What Is an Active Adult Community?

When you think about life after retirement, what do you picture? Perhaps you’d like nothing better than to stay in the same home you’ve had for years, but maybe you’re thinking about a change. Many seniors prefer small, low-maintenance homes. Some just want to get out of the area where they’ve been living now that […]

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How to Pass Down a Family Business

Expecting to inherit and run your family’s business exactly like Mom and Dad did? Each new generation of leadership has different skills and interests. Business contexts shift. Maybe you should step back and consider the CEO’s job description, the governance of the business and the evolving business context — or you might be setting yourself […]

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Should You Go with a Medicare Broker?

How can you be sure that an insurance salesman is being honest with you? Talk to a broker instead of a corporate representative. Because Medicare brokers work for many different insurance companies, they can try to find the right fit for you rather than pushing one carrier. Your Medicare broker will be able to review […]

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