Notarizing Documents When There is a Dementia Diagnosis 400 x 268 px

Notarizing Documents When There is a Dementia Diagnosis

An Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis can be a challenging journey for the person and family alike. When the diagnosis occurs, a ticking clock begins on the timeline for getting proper and sound notarizations done for crucial legal documents. What Does It Mean to Get a Document Notarized? According to the National Notary Association, having a document […]

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a piggy bank sitting next to a jar that says "down payment" filled with cash

Should You Make a Large Home Downpayment?

Depending on the loan type, you can qualify for a mortgage with a downpayment that is as low as 3% of your home’s final purchase price. And for some loans — such as a VA loan or USDA mortgage — you don’t need any downpayment at all. But what if you can afford a larger […]

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a hand that has text that says "culture" with words around pointing into the hand, like values, rituals, norms, and other descriptors of culture

Cultural Issues in Estate Planning

Approaches to death and dying are often affected by cultural perspectives and cultural traditions.   It can be difficult to discuss death with your family if there is a cultural reluctance to do so. Younger family members may see the need for estate planning and legal documentation and want to help their parents, but don’t want […]

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Using Donor-Advised Funds for Multigenerational Estate Planning

An estate plan affects you, your children, your grandchildren and even your parents. How can you use a multigenerational estate plan to help everyone meet their financial goals? Research shows that about 60% of wealthy families exhaust the greater part of their estate by the second generation. By the third generation, nine out of 10 […]

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Take Control of Your Homeowner’s Property Insurance Bill

Congratulations, you are a homeowner! If you financed the purchase of your home with a mortgage loan, you must carry homeowners’ insurance. Lenders won’t approve you for a mortgage loan if you don’t have an active insurance policy. The cost of your homeowners’ insurance policy will vary, depending on your home’s location, size, age and other […]

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an outline of a family of four, two parents, two children, with a heart inbetween and hands bordering the outline

Long-Term Help for Special Needs Children

Estate planning may be more complex for parents whose heirs have special needs or other impairments that limit their ability to take care of themselves. The unique requirements of special needs children constitute a large and growing niche. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that 10 percent of American families have a special needs child with […]

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Estate Planning for Stepfamilies

Estate planning in second marriages can be complex in a blended family. It can be difficult to decide on both an emotional and a legal level. After all, you must consider how to make sure your assets are working in everyone’s favor in two families. Three types of property to consider If you want to […]

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an older couple sitting looking at papers with a young professional

An Overview of the Different Kinds of Trusts

Trusts are legal arrangements that ensure the administration of a deceased person’s assets align with what they would have wanted. Additionally, trusts work on behalf of your beneficiaries in your absence. Not all trusts are the same, however. The three main types of trusts are living trusts (aka revocable trusts), testamentary trusts, revocable trusts and […]

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Talk to Loved Ones About Your Estate Plans

Many people are uncomfortable discussing with their loved ones how they plan to distribute their estates. Perhaps you do not want your children to realize how much they may receive after your death, or perhaps you think your choice of heirs could change in the future. If you do not discuss your estate plans, disagreements and […]

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Divorce and Finances

While divorce may end a marriage, it does not end obligations to one another. In many relationships, one spouse is more financially well-off than the other. In a divorce, this earning discrepancy means that the poorer partner is entitled to receive spousal support, or alimony, to help them establish a new, post-divorce life. Alimony may be […]

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