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Considerations When Choosing Beneficiaries

  Beneficiaries are a crucial part of your estate plan. They are the people or organizations that will ultimately benefit from your estate when you pass away. Your beneficiaries can receive money or anything else you pass down to them, such as Social Security disability, savings and checking accounts, life insurance policies, retirement plans, and […]

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Heirs and Contingent Beneficiaries

  When the Titanic went down in 1912, several women chose to remain on board with their husbands. One was Ida Straus, whose family co-owned Macy’s Department Store. Although Titanic-scale disasters are extraordinarily rare, you should nevertheless include a contingency beneficiary in your will or trust in case life or death serves up something unexpected. […]

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Understanding How a Trust for a Minor Works

In most cases, a trust for minors is set up as a way of preserving assets and distributing property to children without giving them access to their inheritance in the present moment. Minor trusts typically come with instructions that denote when the money, property or other assets may be released to the care of the […]

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Managing an Estate During Probate

Executors have a high level of responsibility for as long as the probate process drags on — which can even be years in some cases. Your main objective? Prevent estate assets from being damaged or depreciated. You must make decisions based on the best interests of beneficiaries and creditors. Any investments you make should be […]

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