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Considerations When Inheriting a House

Inheriting property is commonplace. Your parents or other family member may have left you a home or a piece of land in their Will. Now that you own this new place, what are the right steps to ensure that everything is properly taken care of? Talk to a tax professional.  The best thing you can […]

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Talk to Loved Ones About Your Estate Plans

Many people are uncomfortable discussing with their loved ones how they plan to distribute their estates. Perhaps you do not want your children to realize how much they may receive after your death, or perhaps you think your choice of heirs could change in the future. If you do not discuss your estate plans, disagreements and […]

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A Fresh Look at Distributing Inherited Assets

In theory, parents can get as specific as they want, deciding which children and grandchildren should get the fancy lamp from the living room or the painting of the ship in the dining room. But unless they are items of great intrinsic value, that usually isn’t done. Even if an estate is left equally to […]

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Out-of-State Properties Can Be a Probate Headache

Probating a will can turn into a drawn-out process, and unfortunately, you can’t always avoid multiple probate processes. When a person dies and leaves property in one state to someone in a different state, it is typically necessary to obtain probate for each jurisdiction. On the other hand, if you plan ahead and take care […]

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Give Your Heirs a Fair Shake

For some simple estates, all you may need to do is split your assets in equal proportions among heirs. In other instances, however, you have more complex issues to confront: How can you apportion a family business, especially one to which all beneficiaries do not contribute the same sweat equity? How should you approach real […]

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Four Ways to Pass Your House to Your Children

Your home is probably your most valuable asset. You are clear about whom you want to end up with it when you die. If you’re a parent, you want your kids to inherit your home. Ensure that your wishes become reality. Among available options are including your home in your Will, transferring your home to […]

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