long-term care

a younger person holding an elderly persons hand

Survey Highlights the High Costs of Long-Term Care

  The prospect of long-term care often brings with it many financial concerns. As we experience our declining health or that of an aging family member, we begin to realize that long-term care needs at home or in a facility could be necessary. When looking into local senior home care services and skilled nursing facilities, […]

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Why Hire an Elder Law Attorney?

Many elder law attorneys specialize in estate planning, incapacity planning, and end-of-life care for seniors. These practitioners are essential because they work to protect a vulnerable population. To plan for their future and their care, seniors and their families should consider hiring an elder law attorney. Having a plan for your aging loved one’s care […]

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older man in wheelchair with aide

Understanding Short-Term Care Insurance Plans

What Are Short-Term Care Insurance Plans? Short-term care plans fill the need for those who want some protection but are too old, too unhealthy or not wealthy enough for long-term care insurance. The downside is that short-term policies only cover care for a year or less, limiting how much they pay out per day or […]

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