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Medicaid’s Long-Term Care Spousal Impoverishment Rules

  The prospect of long-term care often brings with it many financial concerns. As we experience our declining health or that of an aging family member, we begin to realize that long-term care needs at home or in a facility could be necessary. When looking into local senior home care services and skilled nursing facilities, […]

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Understanding How a Medicaid Trust Works

As we age, we may become more concerned about how we will pay for our own or our spouse’s long-term care needs. With rising costs of nursing home and in-home care, your hard-earned money could be wiped out completely in as little as a few months. Estate planning techniques can utilize irrevocable trusts like Medicaid […]

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Protecting Your Money From Medicaid

The elderly may find themselves facing financial ruin in their later years. Fortunately, there’s Medicaid, but in most cases, they have to spend down almost all their savings — money they may have spent their entire working lives amassing. Fortunately, if you are careful and work far in advance, there are ways to legally protect […]

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Understanding Short-Term Care Insurance Plans

What Are Short-Term Care Insurance Plans? Short-term care plans fill the need for those who want some protection but are too old, too unhealthy or not wealthy enough for long-term care insurance. The downside is that short-term policies only cover care for a year or less, limiting how much they pay out per day or […]

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