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Nervous About Signing for a New Mortgage?

Taking on a mortgage is a major life event and a significant financial step. People often enter into their lenders at closing without really knowing what to expect. Unfortunately, after signing dozens of documents, they are left unclear and slightly confused about what they have signed and why they signed it. In an effort to […]

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How Much Should You Be Spending on Your Mortgage Each Month?

Typically, the single largest investment that you will make in your life is your home. Whether you are a new home buyer, sizing up for a growing family, or downsizing in retirement, be sure that you are able to maintain good financial health. Well before you start looking at homes, make sure that you understand […]

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Long-Term Advantages of Home Ownership

There are two big tax benefits you receive when owning a home: You can deduct the mortgage interest that you pay each year and you can deduct at least a portion of your property taxes. Mortgage Interest Deduction The most valuable tax benefit is the mortgage interest deduction. This perk allows you to deduct the […]

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How to Prepare for a Smooth Home Closing

Whether you are in the process of selling your home or you are thinking about selling, it is important to know that sellers have an important role in the process. It’s far more than just picking the right listing price and marketing the property to the widest audience. There are certain steps in the process […]

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