a grandpa with two grandchildren

Grandchildren, Trusts, and Estate Planning

  One of the most preferable ways of leaving assets behind for your grandchildren is to name them as beneficiaries in your will or a trust. Trusts are useful because they make it possible for you to control your assets even after your die. Through a trust, you can state how you want the money […]

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An Overview of the Different Kinds of Trusts

Trusts are legal arrangements that ensure the administration of a deceased person’s assets align with what they would have wanted. Additionally, trusts work on behalf of your beneficiaries in your absence. Not all trusts are the same, however. The three main types of trusts are living trusts (aka revocable trusts), testamentary trusts, revocable trusts and […]

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Protecting Your Money From Medicaid

The elderly may find themselves facing financial ruin in their later years. Fortunately, there’s Medicaid, but in most cases, they have to spend down almost all their savings — money they may have spent their entire working lives amassing. Fortunately, if you are careful and work far in advance, there are ways to legally protect […]

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Estate Planning: Know the Basics

When beginning your estate plan, your first task will be to inventory what you own. You may be surprised by all the tangible and intangible assets you have accumulates. Estimate some values, but you may want to obtain an appraisal on your home and statements from financial accounts. You will then need to work with […]

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Understanding How a Trust for a Minor Works

In most cases, a trust for minors is set up as a way of preserving assets and distributing property to children without giving them access to their inheritance in the present moment. Minor trusts typically come with instructions that denote when the money, property or other assets may be released to the care of the […]

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